Student Wins 2 Awards

 Vaida BlazyteVaida Blazyte has won two awards for her proposed dissertation film ‘Colourless’ on people with Alibinism in Tanzania.

The film will observe the lives of ‘colourless’ African artists - members of the Albino Revolution Cultural Troupe in Tanzania, who are highlighting and resisting the stigmatization and killing of people with albinism. The 20 minute documentary film will portray the extraordinary Troupe and their stories of growing up, surviving and living as an albino in Tanzania - a country which is believed to have the largest population of albinos - yet being exposed to the appalling discrimination and prejudice.

One World Media Trust and the University of Ulster’s Alumni Association have awarded £1000 each to the film, making it possible for Vaida, a Lithuanian studying at Ulster, to produce the film over the summer of 2012.

Vaida, who will be accompanied by fellow student Mara Cavalli, says, ‘One World Media Trust made it possible for this idea to become reality. Many students struggle to implement their ideas and dreams, many wonderful stories remain untold and unseen just because of the lack of funding possibilities for students' films. I am very lucky to be given a chance to make this documentary - now I feel a huge responsibility to do my absolute best’.

Director of the University of Ulster’s students’ course, MA Documentary Practice, Dr Cahal McLaughlin, says, ‘these awards offer wonderful opportunities for our students to develop their experience in film making internationally. We look forward to seeing the material that Vaida and Mara bring back.’