MA Documentary student wins One World Broadcasting Award

Film Maker Ryan WuA University of Ulster MA Documentary Practice student, Ryan Wu, has won a travel award from the One World Broadcasting Fund to make his dissertation film in China.

Entitled, ‘The End Of The Rainbow’, the film will follow a 16 year-old boy living in rural China who must give up his family and what is familiar to set out alone on a daunting, life changing journey to Guangzhou city in search of work.

Ryan explained, ‘The rural areas have traditionally suffered from low economic development thus forcing the children of impoverished families to migrate to the cities. But now the cities are grossly overcrowded and the global financial crisis means that many industries are collapsing and factories closing. China is in economic crisis. Wu’s story is the human face of that crisis. Compared with other documentary films about China this will be a film made by an insider for a worldwide audience’.

MA Documentary Practice course director, Dr Cahal McLaughlin, commented, ‘We are very pleased that this is the second year in a row that a student from our course has won this prestigious award’.

Signe Glan, Deputy Director of the OWBT explained, ‘We had a high number of quality applicants this year, 22, from an unprecedented number of film schools, 13. This resulted in a very competitive scheme, especially as we only had a total of 5 bursaries to give out’.

Dr Cahal McLaughlin