Continued Professional Development

The Northern Ireland Skillset Media Academy offeres a full range of bespoke continuous professional development training. For more information please  contact us here.

The Northern Ireland Skillset Media Academy has an online CPD course in relevant business skills for digital content companies in Northern Ireland who want to expand globally.
The course includes:
Business skills seminar led by David Naylor.
David works with technology, media and IP-focused businesses. He is an expert in the areas of media, internet, e-commerce and software, advising businesses including the BBC, Youview, Ask Jeeves and RIM (Blackberry).
The legal and financial implications of marketing your product in a world-wide industry; protection and exploitation of IP; data protection.
Susie Wright, media project manager, Channel 4
Access and funding available through the Creative Diversity strategy
Panel discussion on the changing media environment in Northern Ireland.
Case studies and strategies from digital content companies in Northern Ireland who are successfully exporting.
Course fee: Free as the course is sponsored by the Department of Learning and Employment and supported by Skillset, the sector skills council for creative media and Digital Circle. It was compiled by the Northern Ireland Skillset Media Academy which is made-up of certain courses in University of Ulster, School of Media, Film and Journalism, Belfast Metropolitan College and North West Regional College.
It will be available here in mid-2012. For access inquires contact Sally Quinn on